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5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Job Search Results

By now you’ve learned the traditional ways of job searching don’t work anymore. A few years ago you could put your resume up on Monster and Career Builder and wait for the phone to ring. Those days are gone. So here are 5 things you can easily do that will quickly improve your job search results.

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Resume: Turn Acronyms into Achievements

Acronyms abound in the IT and software development fields. Most of them, from SDLC to VOIP, are as well known as TV. But lists of acronyms can quickly make your resume unreadable. They may also give you a false sense of security. You believe your resume covers everything a company could look for, and that might be true if your resume is read by a technology-aware person.

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How to Turn a Temporary Job into a Permanent Position

A lot of people are taking temp-to-perm jobs lately. This is a great way to keep their skills fresh, earn a paycheck and hopefully be offered that coveted full-time position with benefits. Here are some tips to make sure you are #1 on the boss’ list for permanent status.
Of course you should put forth an A+ effort on the job. Produce high quality work consistent on time and make friends with everyone. Never say anything bad about anything. Nonetheless, plenty of other people can do this too, so here is what will get you that special edge.
Find out the things that your boss is measured on and consider how you can help him meet his goals. Then learn about his boss and any key influencers who can affect your boss’ career.
Now think about ways you can make him look good and meet his goals. Subtly suggest that you have found ways to improve things or another area you can help and you will have transformed your relationship from boss/temp to trusted ally.
Who do you think will be chosen for permanent status then?

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Things are Looking Up

There is a lot of noise regarding the state of the labor market. Here are some promising statistics.
First, remember that unemployment is what is called a trailing indicator meaning it is one of the last things that will be affected as the economy improves. When bad times occur, employers will quickly react by cutting staff and then try to get the most they can out of their existing workers until they just can’t get any more. Then they will start hiring on a cautious basis, often starting with temporary workers first before they commit to full-time employees. So let’s see where we are.
 US productivity in the third quarter rose to 9.5%, the fastest surge in 40 years. Normal productivity growth is about 3.0% so this shows that employers have reached the limit of what they can get out of their existing staff.
 There were only 11,000 jobs lost in November, the lowest rate in 2 years.
 Hiring of temporary workers grew by over 52,400 personnel in November, the highest surge in 3 years.
 In October, companies announced they plan to hire 57,250 new workers which is the highest level since July 2007.
 For executives, job postings on ExecuNet are up 30% since the summer, and last week postings were up 26% from the week before. Executive recruiters and hiring decision makers state that they expect 2010 to be much brighter than 2009. And there has been a 50% rise in new jobs obtained since September 2009.
Remember that February is the biggest hiring month of the year so be prepared. Make sure your resume presents you well and build a job search plan that includes recruiters, job board postings and networking.

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Why You Should Not Send a Follow-Up Letter

I have often been asked whether you should send a Follow-Up letter. This is a letter used after days/weeks have passed since an interview and you are waiting for a decision. The letter is designed to ask how the process is going and when a decision could be expected. The answer is simple – NEVER SEND A FOLLOW-UP LETTER! Here’s why.

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